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Sentry for Development

Spotlight is a highly customizable debug tool embedded in your web app.
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Get Started

or download for
macOS (Apple Silicon) macOS (Intel)
latest version: 1.0.0

Thirty Seconds to Liftoff

As easy as npm install

Install Spotlight, inject the Spotlight overlay and run the sidecar.

1. Install Spotlight
npm install @spotlightjs/spotlight
2. Init the Overlay
import * as Spotlight from '@spotlightjs/spotlight';
if (process.env.NODE_ENV === 'development') {
3. Start the Sidecar
npx spotlight-sidecar

Your perfect dev companion

Embedded in your frontend

Notifies you of errors and other signals as they happen. No more context switching.


Works Everywhere

Compatible with Sentry's universal SDKs

Take the power of Sentry's telemetry and bring that into your development environment with Errors and Traces in both Frontend and Backend.

Configure with Sentry

An Extension of You

Customizable overlay to support your use cases

The powerful overlay and event proxy make it easy to extend Spotlight to other concepts including first-party concerns.


Spotlight directly integrated into Astro Dev Overlay

Ready for the deep dive?