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Spotlight Migration Guide

On this page, you’ll learn how to update your Spotlight setup to the latest version.

Updating from 1.x to 2.x

Version 2.x of Spotlight was introduced to establish compatibility with version 8 of Sentry’s JavaScript SDKs. Some of the breaking v8 SDK changes required changes in how Spotlight interacts with the Sentry SDK.

Affected packages:

  • Spotlight Main Package (@spotlightjs/spotlight)
  • Spotlight for Astro (@spotlightjs/astro)
  • Spotlight Overlay (@spotlightjs/overlay)
  • Spotlight Electron App* (@spotlightjs/electron)

New minimum Sentry JavaScript SDK versions

Version 2.x of Spotlight is only compatible with versions >=7.99.0 or 8.x of Sentry’s JavaScript SDKs like (@sentry/browser, @sentry/react or @sentry/nextjs). Older SDK versions are no longer supported in Spotlight 2.x.

Changes for non-JavaScript SDK Users

If you’re using Spotlight without a Sentry JavaScript SDK, for example for mobile (iOS/Android/ReactNative etc.) or server-side (Python/Ruby/etc.) applications, you can update directly to version 2.x without making any changes.

Other Breaking Changes

None! With the exception of ensuring you have the correct the Sentry JavaScript SDK version, there are no other breaking changes in Spotlight 2.x.

If you encounter problems while updating to 2.x, please let us know by opening an issue!

* The @spotlightjs/electron app was only updated from 0.x to to 1.x because it depends on the @spotlightjs/overlay package. There are no breaking changes when using the Electron app!